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Dear Sir ,
I would be really honoured and very pleased if you could send me the following details about your car for my registry.
In order to make a correct registry I have explaned and illustrated where you can find the required info, although I assume you already know where to find them. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask them.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and efforts.

1/ Your Car

) The body number is pressed near the gear shift lever.

Illustration Illustration
Frame number :     -

2) The number ( Fahrgestellnummer ) which is pressed on the Volkswagenwerk GmbH ID-plate above the engine.

Illustration Or Illustration
Baumuster :
Fahrgestell : -
Baujahr :

3) The number which is pressed at the small triangular plate below the front left door

Illustration Illustration
Body number :

4) The enginenumber

Engine number : -

5) The number which is on the front axle.

Illustration Illustration
Front axle number : -


2/ Your personal infos

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Email : 
Country : 

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